Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 things Tag and a card !

Hey all !
I am back after an awesome weekend at my sisters place .. Had loads of fun 
Bought some stamps from hobby ideas ( GIP) and some patterned paper . I hate myself for being addicted to crafts ... I have become gareeb ! lol 
I had loads of food .. did shopping at janpath .. cooked my fav matar .. ( yes few ppl dun believe me on that) I can cook well.ook well .. after all m 21 
Had adorable o!la!laa! weekend ! Yes ! d school coaching shocked me with a mock test .. wonder what  i had written or rather drawn 
Now a lil about my card 
This card I have made for a my sister neetu aka tumtum di 
Isnt it gorguss ???

Now few pictures of the lovely weekend !

I thank Kavitha di for tagging me in this 4 things tag 

4 shows i watch:

  • Gossip Girl 
  • How i met your mother 
  • Friends
  • Dare to date 
4 things i am passionate about:

  • Crafts 
  • *****
  • shopping
  • Music
4 words i use a lot:

  • Gadha 
  • Idiot 
  • Hai raam 
  • omg 
4 things i learnt from past:

  • Love you family 
  • Dun expect 
  • Think positive
  • Keep smiling 
4 places i would like to go:

  • Patni Top
  • Bareilly 
  • USA
  • London
4 things i did yesterday:

  • Had loads of food
  • Cleaned my room
  • Organised my craft space
  • Did some test stamping 
4 things i am looking forward:

  • My silhouette 
  • My exams
  • Christmas
  • The stamp set which i have won 
Tag 4 people to play along:


  1. hey even i shopped from there this weekend.

  2. That's so sweet of you to have tagged me Mallika. I was busy admiring your card, wondering about the beautiful flower and also being curious about you. I am smiling thanks to you .

  3. Thanks dear for the beautiful card...mwahhhhhz
    Keep Crafting but do concentrate on exams now... looking forward for few more new ideas/designs in your cards and few more funfilled weekendz like the last we had.....Good luck for the exams:)

  4. beautiful card:))love the flower

  5. hey nice papers...sadly we dnt get such papers here :(

  6. Gorgeous blog, Mallika! You're so cute on these pictures, beautiful girl with beautiful eyes =)
    Thx xxx

  7. Beautiful card. Love the vibrant colors! I stopped by from Feline Playful and an now a follower. Happy New Year.


  8. I love Halloween cards all year round.. I came over from Feline Playful. I am now a follower.. cute blog.

  9. beautiful card,I love the butterflies, and nice things listing.

  10. really great card, beautiful and bold. Love your photo's too. Came over from Feline Playful to say hi and become a follower. Hugs lin


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