Thursday, March 17, 2011

International Friends Blog Hop - March 2011

Hey Bloggers
Good Morning
Happy Holi Everyone.I will tell you all much about Holi later in this post . Welcome to The International Friends  Blog Hop. This is my very first time hosting a blog hop. I'm really excited!!! Big thank you to all the member's that have joined in on the hop and the hugest thank you to Misty Rose for making me a part of this Blog Hop .You must be arriving from Debbi's blog , If not please Click Here to head over to Misty's Blog for the beginning of the hop !  
This blog hop has crafters from all over the globe and each one of us have worked hard . 
"Unity In Diversity " This is my motto . 
All of us are from different races , casts , creeds and yes COUNTRIES but we all have three words in common that is Faith ! Hope ! Believe. 
Misty thankyou for bringing us all together . 
These ladies are really talented my friends I am sure you all will love the blog hop !
For this blog hop I am posting a " Complete Expression " circle card .
This card displays colors and loads of colors . This is what my Country India about. 
My culture is beautiful and colorful and so are our lives . 
If anybody is interested in tutorial please let me know I will post it later !

Blog candy ! I have one already running on my blog and now I want to throw one more candy for  this Blog Hop . 
Yes ladies ! This one will be a surprise Blog Hop gift . 
If you have been following my blog I will be giving a surprise box  for my blog candy.
a>Please leave a comment
b>Become a follower.
a> if you just want to be part of blog hop
a> and b> both if you want to be eligible for my candy

 Click here if you want to enter for the blog candy which is already running on my blog !

Now about Holi .. 

Holi - the festival of colors - is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous of Hindu festival. It's an occasion that brings in unadulterated joy and mirth, fun and play, music and dance, and, of course, lots of bright colors!With winter neatly tucked up in the attic, it's time to come out of our cocoons and enjoy this spring festival. Every year it is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March and glorifies good harvest and fertility of the land. It is also time for spring harvest. The new crop refills the stores in every household and perhaps such abundance accounts for the riotous merriment during Holi. 
During Holi, practices, which at other times could be offensive, are allowed. Squirting colored water on passers-by, dunking friends in mud pool amidst teasing and laughter, getting intoxicated on bhaang and reveling with companions is perfectly acceptable. In fact, on the days of Holi, you can get away with almost anything by saying, "Don't mind, it's Holi!
People play with Color Water guns .. it is called pichkari here! 

Now please hop on to 
Lena's Blog
She is fabulous with her work ! I am sure you will love it !

And here is the list of all the lovely ladies who are a part of this hop   ! 
In case you get lost please refer this !

And if are not arriving from Debbi's blog
 Please hop over to Misty Rose's Blog to Start from the beginning !  
This Blog Will be running from 18th - 20th March ! 
Hop on ! Make your weekend lucky !

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  1. what a lovely projects! I like it! And what a great picture with the beautiful colours, i love it!

  2. What a wonderful creation Mallika! Love the happy colours reflecting Holi! :)

  3. Hey the entire thing is too good. Keep it up!!

  4. I really love this circle card! and a tutorial is a must!!! :) and am in for the candy ;)

  5. Beautiful project..and yup tutorial is a must..And I'm in for the candy! Thanks so much!!

  6. Yes, Yes..... A tutorial please!!!
    I am a new follower! I love your work!


  7. Pretty creation, lovely thoughts n yes count me too in the blog candy.


  8. I agree with everyone. I love this project and a tutorial would be excellent! I am also facinated by the Indian culture and the festival of Holi. Such beautiful pictures, so colorful! I would love to visit one day. :)

  9. I love this project.. could you please post a tutorial for this.. I love this one...!!

  10. Beautiful work Mallika!!!!
    Count me
    Svetlana xx

  11. What a beautiful creation Mallika! Your story is very interesting for my! I'm fascinated by India! Hugs, Iryna xx

  12. Such a beautiful project! I enjoyed your story also.
    I am enjoying this hop, and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

  13. Kudos on your first blog hop!!!! The creation is a sure shot winner.... :)


  14. What a great project...Neat and different too.
    I love the tradition...looks like fun face painting.

  15. Too kool sweetie..!! Do post a tutorial on this amazing circle card :)
    And m sure on in the blog hop !

  16. I love your tradition and man my boys would love it. What a great project.

  17. This is an awesome project..thanks for the inspiration.....can not wait to see what you have to share with us tomorrow...

    hope your friends will hop over to my blog


  18. what a colorful and fun tradition! your card is really neat!

  19. hey sis !
    thanx !
    hopping as you said

  20. Your projects are beautiful and yes, I would be very interested in seeing a tutorial. I am a new follower and am so happy to have found your blog. It is lovely and makes me feel very much at peace which is something I much need in my life. Thank you. Also, thank you for the gift entry.

    XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

  21. Wow fabulous job, and awesome tradition!!

  22. o may god... I am really amazed by this card!! Incredible!!

  23. Please post tutorial..eager to see it :)


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