Monday, April 18, 2011

The 50th Saga - elizabeth in Times

Hello Peeps ! 
How have you all been ??
Well this will be my last big project . I won't be creating for the next 1 -2 months . Exams are starting from 7th may and will continue till june ! 
We engineering students have to struggle alot in terms of exams . So many exams .. Internals + external :(
This is like one big scrapbook which is created for a friend's Grandparents 50th Anniversary . 
I personally loved this project as for a change I  am creating something fer some different purpose , that too such a remarkable one . Its a honor for me . 
In this project I have used almost every technique . Like every thing . Its a 7 page book .
The book has pictures which are literally 50 years old . 
These pictures were printed then . I loved creating it . 
I will be uploading pages one by one everyday . I don't want to become inactive so early . SCREW EXAMS! I hate them ! 
Challenges - 
-Yyam's Elizaveta's challenge 
Page 1 ( The cover page )


  1. Tough luck with exams.. I miss my student days at times.. but I don't envy you at the moment.. and Great work..!!

  2. he he !!so glad to be out of this exam fever ;)beautiful cover !!waiting for more........

  3. Very pretty!! how big is the book? waiting to see other pages too!

  4. good luck with ur exams...and love the detailing of the flowers so so pretty.

  5. Hmmm... I have also been through those days... Can completely understand... well best of luck and lovely creation for your friend...

  6. wow!!! Its really great work.. I'm very interest to see those all pages in this book...Those flowers design and the photos are really great.
    Thanks for this great post..


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