Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sad News and A new Layout

It's a very sad day .. infact night !
My silhouette Blade broke .. I had replaced my old 2 days back .. and yes the new one broke within two days!
I feel realy bad about it .. n I am irritated to the core .. How can it break in 2 days ??
I wasnt that harsh on it though ..
I have now just one blade ... I wonder when it will last
My last blade worked for 5 months !!

Anyways this a layout which I have made ..
Recipe - Buttons by Pie Lane , Paper by gelati 


  1. Such a bummer about your blade but your layout is cute thanks for sharing!!

  2. ohh so sad for the blade. I hope this one lasts forever :)

    The layout is cute!

  3. So sorry about the blades, yikes, hope this one will last, know the feeling.....lol
    Love the lay out!!
    ps: your 'Pay It Forward' handmade gift will be in the mail with-in the next few days.
    lotsa luv

  4. Oh dear...so sorry about the blade..I know how you feel..I broke my fringer blade the very next day..and I guess it cannot be even replaced...And there goes anoter beautiful layout :) You are a layout queen :)

  5. beautiful layout dear.. really sad about your blade..

  6. Gosh Mallika.. I am so sorry to hear about the blade.. That truly sucks... But this is such a cute layout.. especially the Rhinestone flourishes.. Looks cool...

  7. Mallika, lets dance together to celebrate our blade breaking festival!

  8. sorry to hear about your broken blade.hope ur new one last longer,your layout is so pretty.

  9. just do what we discussed!!! am sure something will work out :) and this one is very cute.... wanna see whats under the lil flap :P

  10. o o sorry to hear about ur blade,do silhouette blades really brake so frequently..?

  11. those rhinestone swirls are so beautiful

  12. awww :( :'(

    feeling bad about ur blade...

    layout is lovely...

  13. Despite the broken lade, this layout is adorably simple, love it! I am now a follower. :)

    Stop by my new craft blog, Made Especially For You. It's still in its early stages but I have many creative plans for it!


  14. i love the rhinestone flourish... nice layout tooo...

  15. awww.. hey are you using the correct blade caps??.. this can happen because of that too..
    cute LO.. :)


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