Monday, March 5, 2012

The Cheapest Replacement INK BLENDER TOOL ( Must See)

Hello Friends ..
As you all know that I am total Vintage lover .. So I consume maximum amount of distress inks .
I have about 10 -15 Distress Inks and 10 Foams and Just 1 Ink Blending tool .
Pack of 10 foams I got for Rs 350 and 1 tool for Rs 350 .
Changing foam all the time made my foams loose their life . I couldn't afford one tool for every color so I thought of an alternative . I bought these Hard Plastic Upper part of traditional Rubber Mohar .
I got plastic because they are very light weight and  easy to store .
They are exactly the size of Ink Blending Foam by Ranger  . They are working perfect  in terms of pressure .
I have attached a piece of velcro to these Tools and voila .. they work the best
I am hoarding now 15 of these one for each color .
So I have kinda saved 4000Rs .. which gives me peace as I can buy 3 Paper Pads !
If anyone interested in buying these please email me on
They will be also available at imaginations online soon .
Believe me .. for a frugal Crafter this is a must take ...

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