Thursday, October 11, 2012

Selling Handmade Cards In India

Hello Buyers / Readers , 

I get many request asking for custom orders of books and cards . One thing which I really want to mention is that when one card / book is created .. it is impossible to replicate the same thing as they are handmade not machine made . 
We can create the project inspired from the project you have liked on our page , blog or shop . 
Please don't expect us to deliver the same exact product . 
Most of the supplies used are imported from different parts of the world , once they are consumed it takes months to get the same paper or same bling or same flower . 
We give you full assurance that the product which you will receive will be on the same concept  and will be better than what you have seen in the picture . 
Please trust us , because when we create we create with our heart .  
Hands to Heart 
Thankyou again for giving my handmade cards a huge response in India  . 
It's because of you people that I am able to expand my shop . 


We would love to hear from you !