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How to use UTEE with your cookie cutter and much more !

Hello Friends ,

Today I will showcase UTEE and its uses .
I am little unwell and I had really planned to write this post in a very nice manner  , but I guess my bad health will not allow me to give you all my best .
Ranger Melt Art
It has
1) Melting Pot 
This is the  basic tool which is important for using these . RANGER-Melt Art Melting Pot. Melt, dip, and pour Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels(TM) (UTEE) and other embossing powders in the Melting Pot (R). Create 3-D embellishments for jewelry, crafting, and home decor. Use with Project Pans for melting wax, glue, soap, candy, and for curing polymer clay. Optimum temperature control. Non-stick surface for easy cleaning. Large handles for easy lifting and pouring. 
IMPORTANT - Using waxing pots wont give you proper result as they dont have a pouring mouth  , you need a pouring mouth for best results . Please dont invest in local waxing pots .

2) Texture Treads 
These are heat resistant which are required for creating textures . Crafters Corner has beautiful Texture Treads .

3)Melt Art Colors 
These colors are required for adding color to your enamel . You can mix and match to get beautiful colors .

4) Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel  { UTEE } 
The most important element .  Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels (UTEE) are a large particle dimensional medium for paper; fiber and decorative arts. Use to fashion jewelry pieces; magnets; trinket boxes; frames and craft embellishments.

5) Craft Sheets 
This re-usable non-stick multi-purpose craft sheet offers a heat resistant slick work surface for easy clean-up. Paint glue and embossing powders peel off and inks can be easily wiped clean. Its generous size is perfect for Melt Art projects scrapbook pages rubber stamping embossing iron-on transfers polymer clay painting and more.

Now I will show you all Picture by picture how to make wonders from these

This is all the items which you will need to create .
The transparent box has some local cookie cutters for making shapes .

Only green light indicates that your pot is not in heat mode . 

Pour some UTEE in the pot . 

Now simply switch on the pot . A orange light will start glowing . 

Move the red switch to the extreme where UTEE is marked . 

Take your texture treads and keep a cookie cutter on it . 

Wait for your UTEE to start melting . 

Start adding your desired color Drop by drop  . Only few drops are enough . 

Take the spatula which comes along with  the melting pot and starting stirring the UTEE  

I realized that UTEE was less , so I decided to add more UTEE . This will not effect the process as UTEE is reusable . It is just like wax . 

I have closed the lid for a minute as I have no patience and like stirring is again and again which is irritating my roommate telling me to have patience . My whole PG friends  get super excited seeing new things . 

Once the UTEE has melted , you can see a thick liquid  . Pour the liquid in the cookie cutter and texture will follow as it is below the cookie cutter . 

Make sure no part is left without the liquid of UTEE . 
Keep the whole thing aside and now lets do something more with UTEE . 

Now on how to create a texture for your mixed media projects  , canvas etc . 
Just pour the hot Utee on your craft sheet . 

Take the texture tread of your choice and just press it on the UTEE . 


Now simply remove the texture . 

See the texture , You can simply use this texture on your mixed media project . You can directly pour onto the surface . 

Remember we had kept this aside . The UTEE has finally turned into Solid State . 
Its time to see the result . 

I have taken out the cookie cutter . 

See the textured Heart embellishment . Isn't it beautiful ? 

Now lets make it more beautiful . Take your perfect Pearls and sprinkle some . 

Once the pearls are sprinkled , the texture becomes more defined . See the picture below . 

I have created some more embellishment by pouring the UTEE into these empty Cameos . 

Phew - Finally I am done with the whole thing , Sorry for so many pictures . 
Please let me know in comment section , if you don't understand any part of it . 
I will be honest in saying that I have created this post in hurry , so there might be a possibility that I am short of words in explaining . Please don't hesitate to ask any questions .
I am going for a vacation , I will try to answer them all as soon as possible . 

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